Why Woodhull?

Woodhull Capital Advisors, LLC is a Long Island, New York financial planning firm. We work with our clients on a fee-only basis. We do not sell financial products nor do we accept commissions.

Fee-only financial planning removes the conflicts of interest that exist with commission-based product sales. Our mission is to help ensure that unbiased, conflict-free, financial planning, is available to everyone.

In contrast to most fee-only advisors, we do not manage investment assets. Therefore, there are no investment asset minimum levels to meet. Instead we focus on working with you in addressing your life's transitions (both planned and unplanned), as well as goals.

Investment consulting remains an important component of every Woodhull financial plan where investments exist. We can help you implement an investment strategy on your own. Or we can match you with a qualified investment advisor.

You'll receive only pure and unconditional financial planning advice. This advice is designed solely to help you plan for your life's transitions and goals. We rely on business practices that are transparent, accountable and open.

You work hard for your money. We’ll work hard to protect it.

How We’re Different

labyrinth with map Financial Life Planning

As part of your plan, we deliver a visual, updatable timeline of your life's transitions and goals.

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rising linegraph with dollar sign Investment Consulting

We'll help you implement an approach that derives its power from the capital markets.

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Who We Are

Woodhull Capital Advisors, LLC strives to increase your wealth and reduce your costs throughout all the phases of financial planning that is based on our 7-step process.

We emphasize both tax planning and investment consulting throughout the entire financial planning process because of the huge impact they have on a successful outcome.

We help you to analyze the complexities of the financial side of your life, allowing you to focus on achieving your short-term and long-term life goals.

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