LIFE CARE COST ANALYSIS is a disciplined approach to identifying expected health care needs resulting from a disability over one’s lifespan. Life Care Cost Analysis manages information from many sources. It considers relevant details from the following areas: medical, sociological, psychological, vocational, educational and rehabilitation. It also considers the impact of aging and disease progression.

Life Care Cost Analysis also examines potential complications and projects the needs and services for these complications. The result is a geographically relevant analysis of costs for all needs and services. It estimates costs and expresses those costs for both the present and future in today’s dollars.

The life care cost analysis serves as a guide for family members, case managers, health care providers and those with fiduciary responsibility for a disabled individual. Financial professionals use the life care cost analysis to develop a financial plan for the special needs person that supports a desirable quality of life. The life care cost analysis is the foundation of the Special Needs Financial Plan.


Medical Costs

Medical costs for special needs individuals very according to the specific disability and the severity of it. We use specialized software to track not only medical costs but also the costs associated with all of the categories below. We do this for the present as well as for the entire life expectancy.

Education Planning

The special needs loved one will have different educational needs than other family members. Families assess their educational options and the services available to them. We can help the family connect with an appropriate educational specialist if the current education options for the child aren’t meeting expectations.

Social / Recreational Services

Helping the special needs loved one develop fully and enjoy life are objectives that we discuss with you. This includes programs, groups, and agencies that provide opportunities for individuals with special needs to get the most out of life.


Getting from here to there is often a challenge for an individual with special needs. Families are always assessing the various programs available through the transportation agencies. They also connect with other agencies that provide the additional training necessary to successfully navigate the public transportation system.


The ages at which people will need residential solutions outside the home and the level of care required are often difficult to know with certainty in advance. There are agencies which help clients evaluate their alternatives and resources.


Employment brings many benefits to an individual in addition to the pay received. We work with clients as they evaluate programs and establish networks for finding employment opportunities that are fulfilling for the individual with special needs.

Care Management

The challenges of providing care increase as the care givers of special needs members grow older. Insurance coverage, care providers, and care facilities all need to be re-evaluated on a regular basis. Proactive planning is essential as many agencies and desired supported living communities have long waiting lists.


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